How Much Gold Does a Copy of the 1933 Double Eagle Twenty Dollar Coin Contain?


The 1933 Double Eagle coin contains about 90 percent gold and 10 percent copper. It also happens to be the second highest price paid at auction for a U.S. coin!
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July 16, 2009. In 1999, there were no $20 double eagle gold coins were produced by the US Mint. You may be refering to the American Gold Eagle coin. They were minted in $5, $10, $25
Hello Renee, . These reproduction coins are only worth the metal they are made of. Coin collectors only want coins as they are made by the government. These replicas are novelty
good luck with a web site that will explain it in less than a books worth of reading. The reason: the gold in a $20 Dbl Eagle is worth about $900 US Dollars today. Go to the US Mint
If the Roman numerals given are correct, the date is 1907. But the rest of the description is a little confusing, it has two eagles on the reverse? And the fact you think it looks
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The value of a $20 Saint Gaudens Double Eagle copy gold coin will depend on the year and the condition of the coin. Most sell at or close to spot gold value by ...
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