How Much Ham with Bone Do I Need to Purchase to Feed 15 People?


In most cases a good rule of thumb when purchasing meat is to buy 1/2 pound per person. In the case of a ham with the bone you may want to buy one or two pounds more to account for the weight of the bone. You would purchase a 9-10 pound ham.
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When calculating meat for a party, estimate 6 to 8 ounces per person. If you have one or more real big eaters estimate more for them. For 15 people a 7 pound ham would be plenty,
A bone-in quarter ham will typically feed 7-10 people.
It depends on if they are big eaters. That would be enough for your group if they don't eat very much meat. I'd get another meat just in case. Some people might not like ham.
Fowl legs can splinter and choke a dog or puncture the GI tract. Your harder bones if given to a severe chewer can split and chip teeth. The molars are expensive to fix and even to
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You will need anywhere from 1/4 of a pound to half a pound of ham per person, depending on whether it has a bone or not, and what else is being served. This means ...
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