How much do hamsters cost at Petco?


Hamsters cost anywhere from 5 dollars to 10 dollars and up depending on the type of hamster. Usually they are around 5 dollars at Petco. Prices differ for different Petcos around the nation. Check a local store for an exact price.
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they cost 30 and wide don't you just go to petco.
Petco doesn't list their live animal prices online, but you can call and
About 10 - 15 dollars.
Throughout the day, it's possible for a hamster's weight to fluctuate, up to 0.21 of a pound (6 grams) in some cases, according to the UK's National Hamster Council. To get a more
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The hamster were sold at around $10 to $15 at petco. But you may still want to check out their website for the specific price list of pets at
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