How Much Has Technology Changed the World?


Information technology such as e-mail, instant messaging, the Internet, and video conferencing has completely changed the way humans communicate over time and space. The web has connected over 700 million computer users into a colossal world community of people. All important information today is linked electronically which in a sense puts all countries in round table discussion at any one time.
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It has changed our world in many ways: computers. phones. medicine. MOST IMPORTANTLY.ALL MEDICAL TOOLS, TREATMENTS, AND PROCEDURES! I can't tell you how thankful our world should
Many have claimed the computer is the single greatest invention of the last century, and there are now more and more computers making it into the classroom. This is of great importance
A social technology: the idea of limited government, individual rights, and especially freedom of speech, without which we'd be living in an uptight and repressive sex-negative world
In chemistry and physics, atomic theory is a theory of
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