How Much Has Technology Changed the World?


Information technology such as e-mail, instant messaging, the Internet, and video conferencing has completely changed the way humans communicate over time and space. The web has connected over 700 million computer users into a colossal world community of people. All important information today is linked electronically which in a sense puts all countries in round table discussion at any one time.
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It is changing the world by making communication ease like right now for example and computers can hold vast amounts of information like videos and pictures.
3D Printing With 3D printing, 3D objects are created in software and sent to a printer which produces an actual object. With what we know about cloning, and the ability to send and
Essentially, the microprocessor is a computer on a chip. Physically, it consists of a miniscule square of silicon that is made of crystal, fire, water and metal. This chip is able
Medical technology is one of the most important aspects of technological development as it is used directly in saving lives. Medical wire and other products are used to diagnose,
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