How Much Horsepower Does a 351 Windsor Motor Have?


Finding out how much horsepower a 351 Windsor motor have will depend on a few factors. The year of the model and the carburetor will determine how much horsepower the motor will have. Usually, the amount of horsepower ranges from 190 and 250 horsepower.
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The windsor 351 V8 Small block has a 250 HP with a 2 barrel and 290
ported heads, 4 bbl carb nice cam, and if you want to chance it stroke it, i have a little tip about strokin a 351w.
The 351 M was made for cars originally to have low end torque to pull those big cars. I was mistakenly advertised as a 351 C. They are 2 completely different designs. The 351M is
The 1969 Mercury Cougar 351 Windsor V8 had 290 hp (216 kW).
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