How Much Horsepower does a 454 have?


A 454 engine has 450 horsepower at 5250 RPM. You might find a 454 engine in an older car, such as a Chevy Nova. While powerful, it is not very good on gas!
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The amount of horsepower that your 454 Chevrolet engine has is dependent upon the year of the 454 Chevrolet engine. Typically a 454 Chevrolet engine has 300 or more horsepower.
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The baseline horsepower of a 454/V 8 is 230.
1. Determine the power output desired. The factory high performance GM engine components are capable of supporting well over 500 horsepower, and the early LS6 Chevelle engine was
The 81-86 Chevy 454 has 230hp and 360 pounds of torque. The 87 454 TBI has 230hp with 385 pounds of torque.
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The 454 Chevrolet big-block engine develops around 390 horsepower. The first engine of this type was made back in 1970. It has been improved over the years but ...
A stock 454 has around 3500 RPM. They have a variety of different horsepowers. For example, there is a 240 hp engine. There is also a 270 hp engine. ...
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