How Much Horsepower Does a 5 0 Mustang Have?


The amount of horsepower put out by a 5.0 L, V-8 Ford Mustang GT will depend on the model year. For example, from 1979 to 1981, the 5.0 Mustang came with an engine that produced up to 140 horsepower, and the 1993 model had a 210 horsepower engine. When you are looking into purchasing a 5.0 Mustang you must have your own mechanic take a look at the engine to verify its condition, otherwise you may not get the power you are looking for.
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225 horsepower.
Ford Mustang: ohv V-8: 5.0 liters; 225-235 horsepower.
1. Replace the Mustang air intake with a performance aftermarket cold air intake system. Many aftermarket parts manufacturers produce performance cold air intake systems for the Mustang
The 1990 Mustang 5.0 L engine has 225 horsepower. The 4-cylinder from the same year only got 88 hp.
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