How Much Horsepower Does a Dodge 360 Engine Have?


A Dodge 360 engine has 245 horsepower capacity. It has a V8 engine that is very strong and fast. Some people use this engine to pull heavy trailers.
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With about 375 hp and 425 ft. lbs torque this Dodge 360
Early LA 318 V8= 140hp Mid (Early Ram)LA 318 V8= 140-150hp Late (2nd Gen Ram)Magnum 318 V8= 220-230hp Early LA 360 V8= appox. 155hp Mid (Early Ram)LA 360 V8= 170-190hp Late Magnum
1. Locate a list of OBD-I flash codes and and coding definitions for the Chrysler family of vehicles either online or in a Haynes Repair Manual for any Dodge model using a 360 engine
6.1 liter in SRT8 has a horsepower of 425 @ 6,000, torque of 420 @ 4,800 & mileage of 13/18.
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The factory engine on a Dodge Stealth is a 3.0 liter, V6 engine. It features 164 horsepower on the standard version but due to the dual overhead cam on the ES, ...
Ford 360 engine was 200 horsepower capacity. The engine was 3.05 inch bore. It was introduced in the early sixties. A high performance truck of the same category ...
How much horsepower your Dodge truck has depends on which engine is in it. The smaller the engine, the less horsepower it has. Generally, V-8s have the most horsepower ...
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