How Much Horsepower does a K&n Air Filter Add?


A typical K&N air filter will increase your car 8-16 more horsepower. If you purchase a high performance air filter, it is possible to increase your horsepower by 30 or more. You can find out more information here:
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Despite K&N's claims that their parts add more horsepower their air filter will not change one thing in your car. The horsepower gain they claim actually comes from changing the intake pipe to one that allows more flow. So the air filter alone will do nothing in terms of increasing your horsepower.
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In normal everyday driving it will add no extra horsepower. In a racing situation at high rpms it will add some but not much. How much depends on the engine that it is installed on.
Not much, between 10 or 20. Most people prefer a different model
1. Let the engine cool down entirely before you begin installation, as the air intake and surrounding components may be extremely hot due to normal driving. Once the engine is cool,
If you add an k&n air filter in your 1997 Ford F250, it will gain you 1-4 hp and 96 to 99 percent filtration efficiency.
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A K&N air filter will only add 8-10 horsepower to your Volkswagen. You probably won't notice much of a difference when you are driving but the air filter is ...
Stock it is around ...
Putting a K&N Cold Air Intake will add about 15% more horsepower to the base horsepower of your 2007 Mustang GT but this will not be 15% to your back tires. ...
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