How Much Horsepower Does a Train Have?


A train has a horsepower of between 1,000 and 6,000. The number depends on the size of an engine of a train. Early trains had 1500 horsepower since they used steam engines, which have been replaced nowadays with diesel engines.
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Locomotives come in a wide range of horsepower ratings. Mostly based on what its application was to do. A modern day diesal locomotive that you see that pull those long trains will
Modern trains have 6,000 horsepower in a diesel train. Thank you for
Modern diesel-electric train locomotives produce 6000 horsepower. That pulls a lot of cars! Ask us!
I don't know what engines they use there.But our newer freight locomotives are 3600 - 4400 horsepower each.The older engines like early passenger units( F7's and F9's etc) were 1500
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A train engine is just like any other vehicle in that a depends on the size of the engine, a train engine can have anywhere from 1,000 to 6,000 horsepower. ...
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A 49CC engine has about 3 horsepower, depending on the gearing of the engine. Cubic centimeters are 15 to 17 for each horsepower. Divide that into your engine ...
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