How Much Horsepower Does a Trans Am Have?


The Trans Ams have different horsepower ratings depending on the model year. Some exemples: 1993 to 95 cars had 275 hp. The 1996 to 97 TAs had 285 hp. These are the ones with the LT1 engine. The 1998 to 02 models with the LS1 engine, had 305 hp.
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A 1997 Pontiac Trans Am has 285hp and 325ft-lb torque.
The 19+82 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am had horsepower of
1. Sand the car, evening out rough spots and removing the clear coat or gloss on the old finish. Thoroughly sand the entire Trans Am in a circular motion, starting with medium grit
The 1995 trans am has 275 HP to the crank. 96-97 trans ams have 285 horsepower.
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The amount of horsepower that a Trans Am has depends on the vehicle and the engine. The models from 1993 to 95 has 275 hp. The 1996 ad 1997 models had 285 hp.
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