How do I find out how much I will receive in housing benefits?


How much Housing Benefit you will receive can be calculated by speaking to your Hosing Benefit department or your local social council. They will be able to give you a good estimate. Otherwise, you can calculate it free online at
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Housing Benefit to get depends on how much rent you pay, what income you have coming in and where you live. Costs it can cover include the actual rent you pay for your accommodation and charges for certain services, such as a caretaker. Housing Benefit will not cover some costs and services which could be included in your rent, for example, water charges, charges for heating, hot water, lighting or cooking and payments for food or fuel. For more information, consult a Citizens Advice Bureau.
The amount of housing benefits that you may receive will depend on your local authority and where you are in the country. It can also be affected by who you live with and how large your house is. You can calculate your own claim at
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