How much interest does a $100,000.00 draw in the ira in a year?


How much interest does a $100,000.00 draw in the IRA in a year varies. An IRA is not an account where the investment gets interest. There is no average interest rate. An IRA is more like an account. The interest rate could be anywhere between 1-10%.
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Hi Pam, The ways things are going today, the best place just might be under your mattress. You may not get any interest, but at least you won't lose it. Rose Red
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It depends on the interest rate being paid. A good rate for a savings account these days is 3.5 percent annually, so simply multiply your total amount by 0.035 to get the amount of
Thanks ebaines. Yes there is income from work. The objective is to reduce the mortgage to an affordable monthly amount - that can be handled from current income from work. Even with
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