How Much is 1 Oz Fine Silver Dollar Worth?


The value of Fine Silver Dollar is tied to the current market price of silver. Right now silver costs $27.52 per ounce, so this is how much your Fine Silver Dollar is worth. As the market price of silver changes per oz., so will your silver dollar. You can find more information here:
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4-26-11> Approximately $45.00, it's value is directly tied to the spot price of silver.
1991 silver dollar value is 1.00 U.S.
A shop might pay you the full market price of the silver, about $22.50 right now. A collector might give you as much as $30. The value of these American Silver Eagle coins has dropped
Currently, an ounce of fine silver is worth $19.32 USD. Gold is currently worth $1,232.00!
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