How Much is 1 Oz Fine Silver Dollar Worth?


The value of Fine Silver Dollar is tied to the current market price of silver. Right now silver costs $27.52 per ounce, so this is how much your Fine Silver Dollar is worth. As the market price of silver changes per oz., so will your silver dollar. You can find more information here:
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The price of silver changes daily. So, if you had one ounce of
7-6-11> About $35.00, value is tied to the spot price of silver at time of sale.
If you have a 2002 American Eagle silver dollar coin it is worth $20-25 as a bullion coin. It is very unlikely that yours has special numismatic value, but here is what is happening
In 1993 the Republic of Liberia issued a Nolan Ryan 10 dollar silver proof coin. The value of this coin is about $15.
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