How Much Is 1 Oz of Silver Worth?


The online calculator at Silver Per Ounce ( updates the value of silver daily. As of Oct. 14, 2011, a single troy ounce of silver is worth approximately $32.24. Note this value varies depending on the purity and condition of the sample.
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As of June 2011 silver was at 36.19. This is about what you will end up paying for a 1 oz American Silver Eagle. The price and value will change as the price of silver changes. Its
17.700 is the price for one ounce of silver today October 23rd. Prices vary every
I think it is like $30. Maybe less.
Silver Jefferson nickels were produced from 1942 to 1945 due to World War II. The mint replaced the nickel content with silver to free up more nickel metal for the production of military
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