How Much Is 10 ML?


Ten ml is equivalent to two teaspoons. It is also equivalent to 2/3 of a tablespoon. It is a very small amount.
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5 ml (or milliliters) is equal to one teaspoon. Milliliters are used in measuring liquids. There are 15 milliliters in a tablespoon and 225 ml in a cup. For more information, look
how much is 10ml of medicine with a spoon.
10 milliliters = 2.029 Teaspoons [US] = 2 Teaspoon [metric]
I assume you are asking how long a vial of 10 ml with a concentration of 300 mg/ml will last you if you used 300 mg(1 ml) every week? The answer is 10 weeks. Oh, and the concentration
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10 milliliters equals 0.01 liters.
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