How Much is 100 Pesos Worth in American Money?


The Mexican Peso is worth 8 cents in American Money. Therefore 100 Mexican Pesos equals $8.00 in American Money. In Argentinian Pesos 100 Pesos would equal $25.00.
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Assuming your question refers to Mexican pesos, exchange rates change every day but during 2011-12 they've averaged about 13 or 14 Mexican pesos = US$1. So, 5 pesos would be worth
100 Mexican pesos is equal 8.59 U.S. dollars.
Live rates at 2007.12.01 03:41:50 UTC. 1.00 US Dollar = 26.5000 Cuba Pesos. The above is for the 'regular' Cuba peso. The "peso convertible" that most tourists see is pegged
100 Mexican pesos are worth 7.51 U.S. dollars. The peso was first introduced in 1497! Ask us 24/7.
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6.3791 US Dollars (USD) is equal to 100 Mexican Pesos (MXN)
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