How Much Is 1000 Mille Francs Worth?


The Franc is an obsolete form of currency that was used in several countries before the introduction of the Euro. You can still get them converted at some banks, but you have to check around, because most wont. There is a conversion rate and fees for using obsolete currency. The exchange value of 1000 Francs is about $200.
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Monetary exchange rates are constantly changing. According to XE. com, as of the seventh day of November, 2011 1000 francs is worth 689.882 Brittish pounds.
The exchange rate for 1,000 Maltese Lira (MTL) is equivalent to
It depends on the condition of the coin and if it has a "B" mint mark. I have seen the one with the B mint mark on eBay for $3.99US. The one without the B mint mark was
It depends on which currency you wish to convert it to. However it should be noted that Francs are no longer the currency in France so will will also need to state which Franc and
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