How Much Is 1000 Mille Francs Worth?


The Franc is an obsolete form of currency that was used in several countries before the introduction of the Euro. You can still get them converted at some banks, but you have to check around, because most wont. There is a conversion rate and fees for using obsolete currency. The exchange value of 1000 Francs is about $200.
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The worth of 1000 Italian Lira in US money is worth the very small amount of $77. You would think that Lira would be worth so much more, but it is not.You can find more information
It depends on what country the Francs are from. (There are more than a dozen countries in the world that still use the Franc, and all of them have different values.
1000 Turkish Lire (TRY) is equivalent to 644.7453 United States Dollars (USD).
They are worthless.
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