How Much Is 14 Karat Gold Worth?


First you will need to determine that your piece is in fact 14k gold. Once that is done you need to weight it or have it weighed by a jeweler. You will divide the current price of gold by 31 and that will give you the price per gram. You can then multiply the weight in grams by the price per gram and that will give you the worth of your gold.
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Depends on the weight of it.
1. Confirm that all the gold you wish to sell is 14-karat gold. Most gold is stamped with its purity. Fourteen-karat gold is identified by the symbols "14K. On jewelry, this
An ounce of 14K gold typically runs for about $800. The market regularly
1. Gather all of your gold jewelry and place it on a table. You will need very good lighting. Take a magnifying glass and examine each piece of gold jewelry. Set aside all pieces
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