How Much Is 18k Gold Worth?


The value of gold changes from day to day. The value of one Troy ounce of 18 Karat gold as of January 29, 2013 is $1,246.03. The value has declined from $1,247.18 in August of 2011.
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Gold's value fluctuates on a day to day basis. As of May 9, 2013 a single troy ounce of
depends what the "current" price of gold is as it changes each day. Gold is measured in ounces and 24k so for simple math, here is what your 18 half oz gold would be worth
ok, so, gold is worth about 930-950 an ounce, depending on what day it is, but since yer a girl, im thinking that the necklace you have is made of very thin chain, which does not
I don't know but these people do valuations and they might be able to help you.…
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