How much is a 1945 sixpence in good condition worth?


Sixpence in a good condition is worth £0.99 to £ 9.99. They all have been graded differently and worth different prices.
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A 1945 wheat penny in very fine condition is worth about 10 cents.
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1930 is a relatively common date for buffalo nickels - in average circulated condition it's worth 50-75 cents. A buffalo nickel with the date worn off is worth less than 10 cents.
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If this is a silver sixpenny piece then it is was worth the equivalent of 2.4 new pence. (UK money) Today's price depends on the date and condition. Could be ...
A 1945 Canadian nickel will vary in value based on its condition, scarcity, supply and demand, errors and varieties, but the average price range in 2014 was from ...
how much a 1945 United States penny is worth depends on the condition of the penny. On average, as of 2013 the penny is worth 0.15 cents. A 1945 penny in perfect ...
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