How Much Is 1gb?


A gigabyte is either 230 (1073741824) bytes or 109 (1 billion) bytes or 1024 megabytes. By now the difference between the binary version and the decimal version is quite significant.
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Until you get down to the lowest measurement of space or memory in a computer, it is easy to remember the number "1000". Starting with a byte which is 8 bits, next you have
The average transfer speed of a standard SD card is 12.5 megabytes per second, however, this can vary depending on the limitations of the device you're using the card with. The newer
1 Gigabyte. (or GB) = 1024 megabytes. or. 1048576 kilobytes. or. 1073741824 bytes. or. 8589934592 bits.
The operating system doesn't see all 4GB because there is a 4GB total limit on 32-bit addressing space. Some of that space is needed for hardware devices, like video, interrupts,
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Depending on how much internet you use up every day one GB would give you about 80 emails a day, some surfing on the net and alittle downloading of music. If you ...
1 GB can hold 240 songs. You can also store 5000 2 MP pictures on the same 1 GB's of space. Alot of this depends on the size and quality of your pictures or songs ...
It depends on file type and file size of data to accumulate in 1GB. Typically 1GB can hold about 100 songs or 250 JPEG photos. It also depends on free memory. ...
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