What does two liters equal?


According to the Exploratorium's measurement guide, 2 liters is approximately equal to 1/2 gallon or 8 cups. Metric liters are converted to U.S. customary gallons by multiplying the number of liters by 0.264. The precise equivalence is 0.528 gallons.

When converting recipes from metric measurements to U.S. customary measurements, 1 liter converts to 4 cups for both dry and liquid ingredients. Cooks double this amount to convert 2 liters. Liter is the standard measurement for volume in the metric system. One-thousandth of a liter is equal to a milliliter. Milliliters are used to measure small quantities. One-thousand liters is equal to a kiloliter. Kiloliters are used to measure large quantities.

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2 liters equals 0.5283441 gallons.
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