How Much Is 20 Pence Worth from 1982 with Elizabeth the Second on It?


A 1982 20 pence coin is still in circulation so the value would be less than if you had one that was a proof or uncirculated mint set. The best advice I can give you is to take the coin to a reputable coin dealer and they can give you the best information on the coin value.
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Such a coin does not exist. Queen Elizabeth II was born in 1926 and did not become queen until 1952. The 20 Pence coin was first issued in 1982.
Only two ways to find out - take to a numismatic (coin dealer) and ask for an appraisal for insurance purposes! They may offer to purchase it! Second way - take to the nearest pawn
You are asking about a 20 cent coin from Australia (KM#403) It weighs 11.3 grams, measures 26.87mm in diameter, and is made of copper-nickel. The front bears an image of Queen Elizabeth
The reigning monarch's image is on ALL coins from Britain and its dependencies, as well as most Commonwealth countries. The Bailiwick Of Jersey is a small island in the English Channel
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The five pence Queen Elizabeth the Second coin from 1992 is worth the same then as it is now which is 5 pence. Older that say 1980 and more value is often added ...
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