How Much Is 200 Italian Lire Worth?


200 Italian Lire is not worth much in America. As of December 2012, 200 Lire is about 13 cents. This depends on the exchange rate. 
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1000 DEM
Italy no longer uses the Lire - it uses the Euro. 200 Euros is currently
50 Turkish lira is equal to 25.6375475 Euros. In 2003, Turkey passed a law that allowed for the removal of six zeroes from the currency, report this answer. Updated on Thursday, February
If it's an Italian 20th century 200 lire coin, it's unlikely to be worth much if eBay is anything to go by. This however depends on age, condition, country, rarity.
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The amount of 200 Italian Lire is worth approximately 0.138249 United States Dollars. The lire is of no use any longer in Italy and has become obsolete as is it's value.
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