How much is 30 pounds in American dollars?

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49.8495 US Dollars (USD) is equal to 30 UK Pounds (GBP)
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As of August 3, 2010, according to, 30 United Kingdom Pounds (GBP) is equal to 47.70 US Dollars (USD) assuming no conversion costs. 1.00 GBP. = 1.59 USD. 1.00 USD. = 0.63 GBP
The British Pound is worth roughly 1.65 American Dollars. This ratio fluctuates with the rest of the world money market. Currency exchange is the major factor. For more information
1. Go to the website of a major currency converter; some are displayed in the Resources section. 2. Enter the amount of pounds you want to convert into the first box and select "
30,000.00 GBP (United Kingdom Pounds) equals 47,949.30 USD (United,000-...
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£ 30 when converted to american dollars is $ 47.9770. For more conversions use the link given
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