How much is 300 euros in pounds?


300 Euros are 257.7 British Pounds, as per the latest currency conversion rate. Currency conversion rates keep on varying each day.You can get up to date conversions at
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its around 255 pounds
If you're planning on traveling throughout Europe, it would benefit you to know the current rates. Right now one Euro equals .89 GBP, or pounds. So basically the pound is worth more
300.00 EUR = 264.276 GBP Thanks for ChaCha'ing!
300 Euros is equivalent to 247.83 GBP. Exchange rate: 1 Euro is equal to 0.826 GBP. report this answer. Updated on Saturday, February 04 2012 at 10:26PM GMT. Source:
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237.2928 UK Pounds (GBP) is equal to 300 Euro (EUR)
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