How much is 5000 Cinco MIL Cruzeiros in US dollars?


Cinco MIL Cruzeiros considers Brazil money. This type of money is stated to not have any value in the US at this time. There are, in fact, other ways to do so. A person can take that money and exchange it with UK money, which then can be exchanged for US dollars. It is not stated when or if Brazilian money will have value any time in the future.
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I ran accross some foreign money in the files of my husband,who has past on,and I was curious and or hopful that there might be some value to this old money. I also came across some
All Brazil notes denominated in Cruzeiros are obsolete and have no face value. 1000 Cruzeiros became 1 Cruzeiro real in August 1993. 2750 Cruzeiros Reales became 1 Real in July 1994
5,000 Mexican Cinco Mil Pesos are worth 401.01 in US
Berapa nilai 5000 cinco milcruzeiros dalam ringgit malaysia ? Anonymous
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The amount of 5,000 Cinco Mil Cruzeiros converted to US dollars is about $2,914.19. That is a great amount of money for that amount of Brazilian currency. You can find more information here:
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The Mexican peso is equivalent to .08 United States Dollar so if you will convert 5000 Mexican peso to dollars, The sum would be 400 United States Dollars. ...
Cinco mil, or 5,000 pesos are equivalent to $407.6204 US dollars. This is the current conversion rate as of the close of the world financial market on Friday, ...
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