How much is 75cl?

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Ml 14 Frn (75CL) London SETS
99.99 +0.0 (+0.0)
Open: 0.00 High: 99.99
Low: 99.99 Volume: 0
Source: Financial Content
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3/4 of a litre.
I got that answer for you; 75 cl is = to 750 ml is = to 0.75 L.
Martini Extra Dry Vermouth 75cl bottle is 15% alcohol by volume.
There are 750 ml in 75 centiliter. How many ml in 1 centiliter? The answer is 10. report this answer. Updated on Monday, February 06 2012 at 12:54PM GMT. Source:
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A centiliter, which measures 1/100 of a liter, is not used quite as commonly as a measurement of volume as liters and milliliters. With its small volume, a centiliter is more likely to appear in a cooking recipe or instructions for a laboratory experiment. A volume of 75 centiliters is roughly the same size as a 25-ounce canning jar, a standard bottle of wine or a fifth of liquor.

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