How Much Is 925 Silver Worth?


The 925 silver is valued at about £0.41 per gram according to 2011 market prices. This alloy of silver is named 925 silver because the 925 silver jewellery has 92.5 percent silver content, that is strengthened by 7.5% of other metals such as copper and zinc.
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925 silver is selling for $9.21 an ounce.
Pure silver is not a viable crafting material in most jewelry. As such it is generally mixed with copper in a 92.5% to 7.5% ratio. .925 is generally known as "sterling"
Not Financial Advice: The latest price of 925 silver per gram is about 1.23 USD. 10 gram of pure silver will cost you 12.25 USD. report this answer. Updated on Monday, February 06
you'll Probably get about $20 for it or you can compare! good luck hope its a winner !
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