How Much Is 9ct Gold Worth?


9ct Gold is worth around £11.85 / gram. You can get to know more about this in
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First off, ct (carats) and kt (karat) are two different terms. Carats describe the size of a diamond. Karats describe the amount of gold in a metal alloy. Karat is expressed as a
OK, the London pm close for today was $637.40 US per troy ounce. 9 karat gold is 37.5% gold, 63.5% other metals. Two troy ounces of pure (24 karat) gold would be $1274.80. Two troy
£13 per gram. Look at british gold refinery website.
Determining the worth of scrap gold a straightforward quantitative process. The value of a scrap-gold item depends on it weight, the purity of the gold, and the spot price of gold
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