How Much Is 9ct Gold Worth?


9ct Gold is worth around £11.85 / gram. You can get to know more about this in
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24 ct 1 oz gold = 1186 on 03-aug-2010 1186/24*9*2 = $ 889.50.
I have a few 9ct gold items that I want to put up for sale on some online buying/selling sites but I am unsure of how much to ask for. I have looked at similar items to try and work
well here in the states they are paying about 8-12$ per pennywt.for 14k gold 9k is a cheaper grade with more alloys , a troy oz has something like 20 penny wt to it . so 10pwx8= about
Unfortunately, only what a person is willing to pay. As of this week, gold is going for approximately $1650 per ounce for 24 kt pure gold. 9kt gold is only 37.5% gold, the rest is
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