How Much Is a 1 Ounce Silver Dollar Worth?


As of 2013, a 1 ounce silver dollar can be worth as much as $30, depending on the price per ounce of silver on the market at any given time. The value of a 1 ounce silver dollar is also determined by its condition and the year it was coined, with the older, more elaborately manufactured coins being worth more than the more recent ones. Commemorative silver dollars are also worth more because they have become collector's items, so it is well worth to have your rare coins evaluated before you sell them.
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Assuming you have the US Silver Eagle, it has an official value of $1, but it is traded as bullion. Dealers buy at about 80-90 % of spot silver prices and sell at 110-120% The current
Not Financial Advice: American Silver Eagle 1 oz cost $45.58. One-ounce American Silver Eagles are official US Mint one-dollar coins.
Minimum $16 each at this time. Silver has dropped quite a bit over the last two weeks. Some dates are worth more. 1996, in particular, is worth about twice as much as the common dates
A 1998 American Eagle Silver Dollar 1 OZ Fine Silver is
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