How much is a one-ounce silver dollar worth?


As of 2013, a 1 ounce silver dollar can be worth as much as $30, depending on the price per ounce of silver on the market at any given time. The value of a 1 ounce silver dollar is also determined by its condition and the year it was coined, with the older, more elaborately manufactured coins being worth more than the more recent ones. Commemorative silver dollars are also worth more because they have become collector's items, so it is well worth to have your rare coins evaluated before you sell them.
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Not Financial Advice: American Silver Eagle 1 oz cost $45.58. One-ounce American Silver Eagles are official US Mint one-dollar coins.
The current price as of 4/27/2012 of one ounce of pure
U.S. silver dollars, half dollars, quarters and dimes made before 1965, and silver state quarters, are 90 percent pure silver. Pre-1965, silver dollars contain 0.7734 troy oz. of
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