How Much Is a 10k Gold Ring Worth?


The value of a 10K gold ring would vary. It would depend on the exact width of the band and if it has been embellished with any diamonds or other jewels.
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The current (May 2013) scrap weight of 10K gold is $18.56 a gram. The price fluctuates daily, and sometimes depends on the appearance of the piece.
The worth of a gold ring will depend on a few factors, it's karats (the purity of
Well as a ring its probably worth a couple of hundred dollars, if you can find somebody who wants it. As Gold, you will find that it accually contains a fraction of an ounce. you
It depends on the weight and intricacy of design. From $570 (Dharma Hoops) to $920 (Medallion).
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The price for a gold ring can be computed by using the formula: market value= (karats/24) x (current price of gold per gram) x (weight in grams). Take for example, a 10 k gold ring weighed 3 grams and place the current value of gold at $24 per gram. Upon using the formula, a 10 k ring that weighs 3 grams would be worth $29.95.
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