How much is a 12 year old girl suppose to weigh?


There are weight and height charts that tell you what you should weigh according to your height. Weight is not based on your age but rather on your height. An example would be someone who is about 5 feet tall. If you are a female at that height, it is recommended that you weigh between 90 and 110 pounds. For a male at the same height, he should weigh between 95 and 117 pounds.
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Your "ideal" weight should be 108lbs. A healthy weight range for you would be within 10% of that weight, so 97.2lbs - 118.8lbs.
There is no set amount a 12 year old should weigh, simply because d...
According to the link, if you are below about 90 lbs you would be underweight. At around 105-110 lbs you would be average for your age. At about 125 you would be overweight. Source(
your weight is in the right weight range. you could weigh plenty more before you would be over weight. so don't worry, your healthy. hope i helped(
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