How much is a 12 year old girl suppose to weigh?


There are weight and height charts that tell you what you should weigh according to your height. Weight is not based on your age but rather on your height. An example would be someone who is about 5 feet tall. If you are a female at that height, it is recommended that you weigh between 90 and 110 pounds. For a male at the same height, he should weigh between 95 and 117 pounds.
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If you would please supply to me your daughter's height, I will be able to tell you what weight she should be around. 4"6. can you please help me this is what my daughter says.
This website will tell you. Its brilliant. All you do is put in your age, height, weight, gender etc.… Also this is a good website:
At 12 - 13 years old the average height is 58 - 62 inches and
The average is probably around 90 to 95 pounds.
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