How much is a 1776 1976 silver dollar worth?


A 1776 1976 silver dollar is worth $3 to $10 for the coins that are in good condition and $15 to $70 for coins in uncirculated condition. The 1776 1967 silver dollar was minted to commemorate America's bicentennial year.
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The last Morgan dollar was struck in 1921, this is a Eisenhower bicentennial dollar, more than 200 million were made from 1975 to 1976 and is likely face value. Some do have a collectible
Depending on the condition it is worth at least 5 times the
Production of the bicentennial silver dollar began in mid-1975 and ended in December of 1976. All coins with the bicentennial design are dated 1776-1976, leaving no U.S. issued silver
The price can range from $10-$80 depending on the age an wear. The crisper and less marked or ripped, the higher the value. Its a really interesting thing to own.
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