How Much Is a 1776 Continental Dollar Worth?


A 1776 Continental Dollar can be worth a lot of money. If it is well preserved, it can be worth $50,000 or more. If it is a bit worn, it could still be worth as much as $7,000.
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At least 8 different types of this coin are known, with values that run from $8,000.00 to $500,000.00.
Using constant 2002 dollars, 0.049 USD(1776) = 1 USD(2002) = 1.266USD(2011), so the model would estimate that $1 in 1776 would yield a value of $22.22 in 2002, which would then yield
The Kennedy Bicentennial Half Dollars dated 1776-1976 are very common and thus
Here's a real one, the guy wants $75.…. replicas go for $10.forever starts now.
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