How Much is a 1853 Penny Worth?


That is an interesting question! The value of your 1853 large cent greatly depends on the condition it is in. It can be worth between fifteen dollars and fifty dollars.
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There is no such coin. The U.S. never struck cents in silver because they'd be worth far more than a penny! Please check the coin's date, value, issuing country, etc. and post a new
An 1853 penny in good condition is worth about $17.00. This is in circulated
There are many factors that determine the value. Go to one of these sites and it will explain what to look for > http
Wheat pennies were produced from 1909 through 1958 and are made of copper, zinc and tin. They have ears of wheat on one side with President Abraham Lincoln's face on the other. Since
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The value of an 1853 half dime worth is more than $10 to $11 each. 1860 era half dimes are already rare, so an 1853 half dime in good condition has a high value. ...
A 1972 penny, if it is S penny, is worth around 3 cents. If it is Lincoln, then it is worth around 50 cents. ...
A penny type is worth 2 halfpence or i pence. ...
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