How Much Is a 1862 Confederate 5 Dollar Bill Worth?


How much an 1862 Confederate 5 dollar bill is worth will largely depend on its' condition as well as what the demand for the note is like around the time of sale. It will also depend on how much the seller wants for it or how much a buyer is willing to pay. It appears as though the value could be anywhere between $20 and $200.
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One of these Confederate Dollar Bills from 1862 would be around $50-60 if it is in good shape. However, a large percentage of the "Confederate" bills on the market are actually
Is it a confederate bill or standard currency with Hamilton on it? The
Chris above is ABSOLUTELY CORRECT. As kid growing up in Atlanta my grandfather gave me a suitcase full of that stuff to play the 1960's! Some of that money IS old BUT it is
The 5 Dollars ND (1969) series 681 bill worth 40.00 EUR which is equivalent to 54.5 U.S. dollars.
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