How Much is a 1864 2 Cent Coin Worth?


In 1864, there were two kinds of 2 cent coins made, one more rare than the other. The more common 2 cent coin has the large motto and it's worth can start at $11.00 and the more rare 2 cent coin has the small motto, it's worth can start at $67.00. You can find more information here:
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The value of a 1864 2 cent coin is approximately $120.00 to $480.00
depending on the condition and motto size hold the value small motto is 67 to 100 dollars large motto is 10 to 20 dollars but collectors will offer $500 if the condition is good.
If you mean "good" condition the same way that coin collectors do (where "good" really means "almost worn flat" then if you wanted to sell it to a dealer
It depends on the size of the motto "IN GOD WE TRUST" if it is large then about $15. But if it is small then around $150-$200. If your coin looks like the size of this motto
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The value of your 2 cent piece depends on it's condition and the size of the motto. If it has a small motto, the value can range from $67 to $100. If it has a ...
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