How much is an 1888 Indian Head penny worth?


An 1888 Indian Head penny is worth about 10 times it's face value. One that is in very good condition is approximately worth $1.00. If the mint mark is worn, you'll get less for the coin.
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In average circulated condition, and 1888 Indian Head Cent is worth about a dollar. If you can make out all the letters in LIBERTY on the headband, it will be worth $3-4. If it looks
The 1893 Indian Head Penny is valued at just $1. However, if you have
Indian head nickels were produced between 1913 and 1938, except for three years (1922,1932 and 1933) when these coins were not produced. Indian head nickels were produced in Philadelphia
Uncirculated 1904 Indian Head penny can be worth up to $275 in good condition! That's a pretty penny!
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