How Much is a 1891 Silver Dollar Worth?


Depending on where the Morgan silver dollar was minted and the condition of the coin now, one from 1891 will have a value of somewhere between $13.00 and $50.00. You can find more info at:
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1891 is a common date Morgan dollar with values for circulated coins at $17.00-36.00.
It would depend on the mint mark and the condition. An average coin...
Silver dollars are worth MORE than a dollar. Exactly how much it's worth depends on how old it is and what condition it's in. Take it to a store to find out -- not the grocery store
The 1891-O Morgan dollar has a mintage of 7,954,529 which is quite high. In good it sells for around $14.00 or what ever silver melt is at the time. From there it goes up in value
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The minimum value of an 1891 CC Morgan Silver Dollar is £81.34, and one in a great shape can be worth £3 073.77 or more. This price is not in reference ...
The 1891 morgan dollar is between sixteen and a hundred dollars, depending on if you have the CC version of this coin. The price also changed based on if the coin ...
It depends very much on the coin's mint mark and condition. See the link (among many) for more detailed ...
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