How Much Is a 1893 Columbian Half Dollar Worth?


An 1893 Colombian half dollar is worth $20 if its condition is almost uncirculated. If it is fully uncirculated, this coin can be worth as much as $100.
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that would be a barber or liberty head half dollar. it is in the u.s red book for 20.00 and 35.00 if it has a o mint mark.and 150.00 if it has a s mint mark.
The average coin goes for $12 to $35.
In circulated condition, it's worth about $8.00. A nice uncirculated one is worth about $50.00! report this answer. Updated on Wednesday, February 01 2012 at 09:50AM EST. Source:
1964 Kennedy half dollars were minted at both Philadelphia and Denver mints. There were 273 million half dollars minted in Philadelphia and 156 million minted in Denver. The 1964
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