How much is a 1898 dime worth?


Interesting question! The value of your 1898 dime greatly depends on it's condition and mint mark. The value of it ranges between $2 and $220 or more.
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There were no 1898 Mercury Dimes released, Mercury dimes refer to dimes struck from 1916-1945 that depict Liberty with wings on her head. Instead an 1898 dime is known as a "
The Liberty dime design was one of two coin designs awarded to German-born sculptor Adolph A. Weinman. Weinman also designed the walking Liberty half dollar. Liberty dimes were produced
Ten cents It's a common circulation coin. 568,760,000 were minted at Philadelphia (no mint mark) and 695,222,774 were minted at Denver (D mint mark)
It depends. A coin's value is affected by its scarcity, mint mark, and it's wear. You'd need to examine each coin, to get an idea of how worn it is, and examine it's mint mark and
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