How much is a 1901 penny worth today?


1901 is not a rare date for Indian Head cents and it's worth about a dollar. A nice uncirculated one is worth $20-$25
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During World War II, copper was needed for the war effort the U.S. penny was made so pennies were made out of steel in 1943. They are worth about 12 to 15 cents in circulated condition
A 1901 penny in "very fine" condition is worth $3. If it is in mint condition, it is
Retail is about $1-125 in ANA Good condition, $3.00 in Very Fine. Prices start to escalate in higher conditions, but still only get to $135 if certified MS-65.
The 1901 Indian head penny is worth $1.00 now. That's 100 times its original value! Ask kgb!
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The 1901 penny is considered to be an Indian Head Penny and is a common date for most Indian Head coins. In uncirculated condition the coin could be worth about ...
During 1944, when the war had already ended, the government switched back to copper. A George VI 1944 penny is worths about £0.20. ...
Today, the value of a 1935 Penny is approximately £1.00 in the UK. The value may go up or down depending on whether or not the coin is worn out and if it ...
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