How much is a 1901 penny worth today?


1901 is not a rare date for Indian Head cents and it's worth about a dollar. A nice uncirculated one is worth $20-$25
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In average condition, a 1901 Indian head cent is valued at $1.00-3.00.
A 1901 penny in "very fine" condition is worth $3. If it is in mint condition, it is
The worth of a wheat penny will depend on the year of the penny, as well as it's current condition. At a minimum, all wheat pennies are worth at least triple their fa
The 1901 Indian head penny is worth $1.00 now. That's 100 times its original value! Ask kgb!
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In circulated condition it is worth anywhere from 50 cents to 3 dollars. But if it is uncirculated it is worth about 12 dollars. ...
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