How much is a 1903 penny worth?


A 1903 penny is worth $1.00. It's an Indian head penny. This is what a coin dealer would offer you for it. If you want to try to get a little more money for it, you could possibly try to sell it online.
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If it is a US one cent, it is worth at least a dollar. If the condition is really nice it would be worth 5 or 10 dollars.
It's going to depend on what country it's from and the condition-a lot of different countries have used "pennies" and people in the US call the cent a "penny"
A coin from 1903 with a grade of VG-8 (Very Good Condition): Estimated Value:
A 1903 penny is worth $1.00 on the market. Hold on to it and its value will only go up!
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