How Much is a 1905 Dime Worth?


The value of your dime highly depends on whether it is in condition or not, and what mint mark it displays. The price can range anywhere from $2 to $120.
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Your Barber dime value (dimes from 1862-1916) is $2.17 to $2.33 for a common date coin in
1905 is a common date Barber dime. Average condition coins are $3.00-5.00.
At least ten cents! It is hard to answer questions about collectibles because the prices vary on supply and demand. Also the value depends on how much a buyer is willing to pay for
Find a large selection of dimes. Your best bet is if you can come across a stash of coins from an estate or grandma's attic. You can also check eBay for un-searched rolls of old dimes
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The 1930 Mercury Dime usually sells for $150 to $600. The 1930 S Mercury dime is worth a little bit more than the 1930 regular Mercury Dime in good condition. ...
A 1937 dime is worth $1.00. This dime is 90% silver, and is among the collection of Liberty/Mercury dimes. This is the amount that a coin dealer would offer you ...
A dime is American currency which is worth ten cents. You can also say that it is worth one tenth of a dollar. ...
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