How much is a 1911 dime worth?


A 1911 S Barber dime can be worth anywhere between $3 and $400, depending on its condition, with a perfect, uncirculated coin bringing in the higher amount. The value of other 1911 dimes can vary depending on where they were minted, their rarity and whether they have been circulated or not. When you have a rare coin, it is always best to have its value certified, so as to be able to claim its highest value when required.
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The 1906 dime could be worth about $10 if it is in good condition.
Time Frame. Barber dimes were produced from 1892 to 1916. The Barber design was replaced by the Liberty head dime design. Identification. The 1899 Barber dime was produced in Philadelphia
You can't spend American currency in England. If you change it into British currency it's worth about 5 pence. How much is 5 pence.
The Mercury dime dated 1921 is a semi-key coin with good values in the circulated grades that run from $54.00 to over $200.00 just in the first four grades. I suggest having it graded
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