How much is a 1912 Barber dime worth?


The 1912 Barber Dime and the 1912 D are worth $2 to $107. The 1912 S Barber Dime is worth $2 to $170. The better the condition of the dime, the more you will get for it. You can find more information here:
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Barber dimes were produced from 1892 to 1916. The Barber design was replaced by the Liberty head dime design. The 1899 Barber dime was produced in Philadelphia, San Fransisco and
In worn condition, about $2. In better shape, its value depends on whether there's a mint mark on the reverse side: No mint mark - $3-7. "D" - $4-8. "S" - $5-12.
1912 Barber or Liberty Head; with no mint mark in good condition is
It primarily depends on the condition of the coin. In well worn condition where you can just make out the date it is only worth melt value which is around $2. In average circulated
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