How Much Is a 1912 Penny Worth?


A 1912 penny is worth £2 for one with a 'Good' rating, and £4.50 for a penny rated 'Fine.' A 1912 penny falling under the category 'Extremely Fine' is worth £34 and one rated 'Uncirculated' goes for £85.
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All 1912 wheat pennies are better date coins. The exact value depends on the letter (if any) under the date. If you've got no letter under the date it is worth about $2 in average
I am unable to locate information regarding a silver penny made in the United
During the height of the United States' involvement in World War II, there was a shortage of copper for use in ammunition and other equipment. This forced the U.S. Mint to come up
First you need to determine the grade of your coin. Here's the British Commonwealth grading standard :…. 1912 is not a rare date for
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The 1912-D cent has a mintage of 10,411,000. The rarest of this date is the one with the S on it. In grade good: date worn but apparent, lines in wheat (on reverse) missing, must have full rims. Then it's value is around $5.00. Less if in a poorer grade and more if it grades higher.
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