How Much Is a 1912 Penny Worth?


A 1912 penny is worth £2 for one with a 'Good' rating, and £4.50 for a penny rated 'Fine.' A 1912 penny falling under the category 'Extremely Fine' is worth £34 and one rated 'Uncirculated' goes for £85.
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1 cent?
One dollar is only worth one dollar. The question should be either how much could one dollar buy in 1912 or how much could I sell a 1912 dollar for now?
$.10 for circulated and about $1.20 Uncirculated
2oo dollars.
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The 1912-D cent has a mintage of 10,411,000. The rarest of this date is the one with the S on it. In grade good: date worn but apparent, lines in wheat (on reverse) missing, must have full rims. Then it's value is around $5.00. Less if in a poorer grade and more if it grades higher.
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