How Much is a 1920 Silver Dollar Worth?


Interesting question! The value of your 1920 silver dollar greatly depends on what condition it is in. The value could range anywhere from $20 to $30.
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Production of the bicentennial silver dollar began in mid-1975 and ended in December of 1976. All coins with the bicentennial design are dated 1776-1976, leaving no U.S. issued silver
Despite its age and branch mint mark, a 1920-S Mercury dime is fairly common among collectors. Retail values as of 12/2008: Very worn condition - $2.00. Moderate wear - $6.00. Almost
1965-1970 Kennedy halves are only 40% silver. Most are valued for just the silver, about $4.50.
The U.S. did not mint any $1 coins for circulation from 1804 to 1835 inclusive. If you have a "dollar" dated 1819 it's either a privately-minted piece, a fantasy piece,
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