How Much is a 1920 Silver Dollar Worth?


Interesting question! The value of your 1920 silver dollar greatly depends on what condition it is in. The value could range anywhere from $20 to $30.
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NO U.S. Dollar coins are dated 1920. Look at the coin again and post new question.
How much a silver dollar is worth depends on what year, mint, and condition the silver dollar is. It is best that you take it to a reputable coin dealer to find an exact value. You
In 1968, after the metal in a silver dollar became worth more than $1, Congress ended the silver guarantee. Millions of silver certificates no longer could be exchanged for a silver
If it's a circulation coin made out of nickel, it's only worth face value. If it's a silver proof, it could be worth about $15.
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It depends on the condition of the Silver Dollar you have. ...
Silver Dollars from 1887 are worth about $20.00. They are made up of 90% silver and 10% copper. 1887 Silver Dollars have got an image of Lady Liberty on one side ...
Depending on the condition and the location of where the silver dollar was minted it can be worth any where from it's face value on up to $100 dollars. For more ...
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